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Rio Vista High School offers many avenues of preparation for life after high school. True to our School-wide Learning Outcomes, we are committed to graduating students who are indeed Lifelong Learners and Adaptable Workers in our global society. 

Advanced Placement courses give our college-bound students the opportunity to take college level courses and earn college credits by passing the AP exams at the end of the school year. We offer several Advanced Placement courses in English, Spanish, Social Sciences, and Mathematics.

Our AVID program continues to grow and strengthen our students' educational experience. By adopting school-wide AVID strategies, Rio Vista High School encourages students to be responsible for their own education by fostering organization and study skills they can use beyond their years in high school. 

We also offer Career Pathway & Career Technical Education courses designed to give Rio Vista High School students a head start in desirable fields in today's world.  Our Pathways and CTE programs currently include: Digital Imaging & Publications, Engineering & Digital Electronics, Agriculture Science Education, Agricultural Mechanics & Farm Power, and Culinary Arts. We are excited to begin our newest pathway, coming soon: Education Careers.